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FCNY Soccer Club offers a program designed to cater to players of all ages and skill levels. Whether your child is taking their first steps in soccer or aiming for competitive play, we have the perfect program to nurture their passion and help them grow as athletes. Here’s why our program is the ideal choice for young soccer enthusiasts:


Our Intramural Teams offer a recreational and community-based soccer experience. These leagues provide a fun and inclusive environment where players of all skill levels can enjoy the game, develop their skills, and participate in friendly matches and local tournaments.


Our Travel Teams program is designed for players looking for a more competitive soccer experience. With a focus on advanced training, competitive league play, and regional tournaments, this program provides opportunities for players to showcase their skills and compete against top-level teams.

Program Details

Youth Development

Through age-appropriate training sessions and small-sided games, players enhance their technical abilities, tactical understanding, and teamwork.

Competitive Teams

These teams compete in leagues and tournaments, offering advanced training, strategic gameplay, and opportunities to showcase talent.

Goalkeeping Training

Through focused sessions, goalkeepers enhance their skills, learn proper positioning, improve shot-stopping abilities, and develop distribution techniques.

Private Training

Our experienced coaches will provide one-on-one coaching tailored to your specific needs, focusing on areas of improvement and accelerated development.

Weekly Training

These sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays offer practice and skill development opportunities, focusing on enhancing technical abilities, tactical understanding, and teamwork.

Skills Clinics

Led by experienced coaches, these clinics focus on technical aspects such as dribbling, shooting, passing, and defensive techniques, helping players refine their skills.

High School Prep

Our High School Prep program prepares players for the challenges of high school soccer. The program includes intensive training sessions, tactical awareness development, and physical conditioning.

Summer Camps

Join us for exciting Summer Camps where players of all levels can experience intensive training.

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Player Pathways

Step 1

Skill Development

In the initial stages, players focus on building fundamental skills, learning the basics of ball control, passing, and dribbling techniques.

Step 2

Tactical Understanding

As players progress, they develop a deeper understanding of the game’s tactical aspects, including positioning, movement off the ball, and team formations.

Step 3

Advanced Training

At this stage, players engage in advanced training sessions that enhance their technical abilities, tactical decision-making, and physical conditioning.

Step 4

Competitive Play

Players join competitive teams, participating in leagues and tournaments to test their skills against formidable opponents, foster teamwork, and showcase their talent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Signing up your child is easy! Simply visit our website and click the “Try Out” button. Follow the instructions provided, fill in the required information. Our sign up process is secure and user-friendly.

To participate in our programs, your child will need soccer cleats, shin guards, and a properly inflated soccer ball. We recommend bringing a water bottle for hydration during training sessions and matches. Our coaches can provide additional guidance on specific equipment requirements based on the program your child joins.

Yes, your child can participate in multiple teams or training based on their age, skill level, and availability. Many players choose to combine their regular training with additional programs such as Skills Clinics or Goalkeeping Training to further enhance their skills and development. Our coaches can help you determine the best combination of programs for your child’s goals and interests.

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